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Mathematics N1 online exam videos

Mathematics N1 online exam videos

Studying Mathematics from home has become even more easier with the introduction of online learning. You can now choose to attend class or study online. With the online there are now more advantages compared to attending classes.

We offer Mathematics N1 online exam videos that can assist you in preparing for your final exam. The videos are structured in such a way that they make it easier for you to understand the concept being taught. Below are a sample of YouTube videos that can illustrate how easy it can become to study Mathematics N1 online.

Sample videos: Mensuration of plane shapes

Mensuration of plane shapes is one of the topics that students usually struggle with as it involves the knowledge of area, volume and perimeter. The words alone usually confuses students. Now with the use of videos-which we call them 24 minute videos, it makes it much more easier to understand this topic.

The video above shows an exam question and the strategy or approach you could have used to solve Mensuration question. Take a look at it and see if it can assist you in anyway.

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