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FREE Engineering Studies N3 Previous papers

Are you looking for N1-N6 Engineering Past exam papers with answers, then this website will assist you. Download N1-N6 Engineering Past Exam Papers For Free. The subjects are indicated in the website. You qualify to only download one paper per subject. However should you need more papers you can also purchase them at an affordable price. Purchase more papers here

Past exam papers are a great way of studying if your aim is to ace your final exams. The previous papers gives you an insight on how the examiners set the questions and what you must be careful not to miss from your text book. Below are the reasons why you need previous papers for your revision:

  1. N1-N6 Engineering Past Papers and answers help you practice and prepare you thouroughly for the coming exam. The papers make you understand should there be calculations, how to go about the calculations and the steps involved. This might not be present in your textbook but using the previous papers you may be well prepared.

  2. N1-N6 Engineering papers are not easily found and this website offers you a great opportunity to have access to most of the papers that were written in the last five years. The years of the papers are also indicated so that you know what you are purchasing before you make any purchase
  3. With Engineering Papers for N1-N6, you get to understand what the examiners are looking for and you tend to pick up trends from the papers making it much easier to master the mind of the examiners. They might try to make the questions different, but since they must stick to the curriculum and by now you know how they structure the questions, you become difficult to trick. After four to five different questions you will be able understand the type of questions they bring.
  4. With N1-N6 previous papers with memos, you can integrate and add them as your notes for the parts that are not clearly done in your textbook. You can then have notes that others who do not have the papers will never get unless they also used the previous papers. At this point you have a right to be selfish and keep your notes to yourself, after all, you purchased the papers alone.

Download N1-N6 Engineering past exam papers for free and improves by 80% your chance of passing the exam. If your aim was to just get a pass, with the extra use of previous papers, not only will you just get a pass, but you will also get a quality pass if properly used. 40% is a pass mark, but with question papers and memos, you must start looking for 60% and above now.

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How do you make Payment

The best way to make payment is to use PayFast which is the safest and most secure payment gateway supported by all the banks in South Africa and trusted for online payment. Visit their website here for more information: Payfast Wesbite. After making payment you automatically get your download.

Alternatively you can choose to make cash deposit on our bank account and you send us proof of payment. Then after receiving your proof of payment we will send you your papers. The banking details are shown also on the website.

Alternatively you can choose to come collect the papers from our office if you do not trust two of the above methods. Our address are also shown in the website. You can pay from our office.



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  2. Please supply N6 Mathematics papers and memos.

    1. You can now download a free Mathematics N6 paper with answers and should you want to purchase the whole PDF you can do so at the following link: Mathematics Papers download

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